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Our point of sale (PoS) Software offers comprehensive accounting and finance solutions for small and medium organizations. This accounting management software consists of features such as expense tracking, inventory management, bills, invoice , purchase orders ,accounts payable management, sales & tax preparation, financial reports, and more.

It can manage invoice, bills, transactions, track sales, expenses and more

This software is designed in such a way that it caters to the needs of accountants, traders, dealers, distributors, and manufacturers to operate the business smoothly without any interruptions. Generalized accounting workflows are made easy.

Our System will helps your business to enter the new world of digitalization with its fantastic accounting modules & bill management system . Using this software can ease the management of your sales, inventory, expense, payrolls, income, transactions , track sales , Invoice management and miscellaneous expenses efficiently.

Simple to use, Software includes filing GST invoices, bills , purchase orders , generating reports, GST Registration, and more.

Billing Software is important to be deployed for every business to minimize the errors, for accurate operations and handling accounts for better finance management.

Billing Software can be used for business management and manage finance.


1.         Start Ups

2.         SMEs

3.         Enterprises

4.         Retailers

5.         Ecommerce

6.         Institutes

7.         E-Retailers

8.         Supplier

Maintain Records

Our software is helpful to manage Task , re organize them , assign roles , collect status report, bills , invoices , purchase orders  and maintains the records as per the specifications of the product or the services provided.


Multi User Support

Our Platform offers designation-based access control to users. The system enables to have the administration access and they can assign access to any person they have their logins and id. Managing the accounts and with multi user access.


Cash Management

The system enables to manage cash, track entries, manage records, expenses, bills, invoicing and more. The system helps to manage cash and expenses with accuracy.


Expense Management

Software helps to process , pay , audit reports , initiate expense , project criteria , expenses incurred and manages other miscellaneous expenses and more.  This system helps to manage expenses well and facilitate to manage workflows


Cloud Based Access

Our PoS offers a secure and remote access to the business tasks through cloud. This enables the business owners to remotely access their site information, monitor tasks and get regular updates your business is access to cloud system.

Account Management

System enables to manage revenues, expenses, accounts, supply chain management, vendor management and more. The system can help to track expenses and transaction, Finance management by sending timely updates, optimizing expense, offer suggestion, perception of service value and ensures ways to make your business profitable.


General Ledger

Software  manage book keeping ledger  or a general ledger the serves as the central repository of the accounting data for the data transferred from account payables , assets, cash management , account receivables and more.

Billing & Invoicing

The system manages the bills and invoices used schedule receipt payments, manage payables keep the track of finance and expenses, invoices and more. The system can simplify billings, payments, purchase orders and invoices as it streamlines the workflows.

 Multi-currency Support

This system facilitates your business multi currency support. The system allows the conversion between the monetary values in different currencies. This can give you the estimates of the amount in different currencies and enable to work efficiently


Contacts Management

The software system that enables user to easily store , find , update , address details , designation , company associated and more. Contact Centric database provides for tracking information , vendors and suppliers contact and communication activities between connects.






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