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Hotel Management Software (AI-Powered) is an ideal application for hotel businesses. It is an integrated software solution that helps you to manage the hotel’s operations like booking, management, organization, and other related operations. Hotel Management Software enables to management essential processes of a hotel management system ensuring convenient access for the services and efficient functioning of the business.


Hotel Management Software is easy to use for all users because of its simple, user-friendly interface and navigation. Deploying a suitable Hotel management software system can help you to manage hotel functionality like reception management, housekeeping department, restaurant, kitchen services, financial asset management, Expense management, HR & payrolls, hotel ERP, inventory management, and so on. Mink Hotel Software Solution offers a rounded solution to complete hotel management system operations easily and conveniently.


This software system offers accomplishes many important tasks that you can perform without any hassle. Hotel Management software system systematizes the operations that include in a hotel management system, organizes inventory, assets to manage and use efficiently, ensuring better customer experience. 


It is the complete software solutions for Back office management, reception, management of the hospitality industry, resource allocation and delivers customizable and adjustable solutions for the management and effectively uses the data.


  1. Reservation Management: This feature allows hotel staff to manage room bookings, check availability, and make reservations for guests.

  2. Guest Check-in/Check-out: It facilitates the process of guest arrivals and departures, including handling key card issuance and room assignment.

  3. Room Management: It helps in assigning rooms, tracking room status (e.g., clean, dirty, under maintenance), and managing room inventory.

  4. Billing and Invoicing: This feature handles billing processes, generates invoices for guests, and integrates with payment gateways for secure transactions.

  5. Inventory Management: It helps in managing inventory for various items used in the hotel, such as linens, toiletries, and kitchen supplies.

  6. Housekeeping Management: This feature assists in coordinating housekeeping tasks, scheduling cleaning, and tracking the status of rooms.

  7. Reporting and Analytics: It provides insights into hotel performance, including occupancy rates, revenue, and guest demographics, through customizable reports and analytics tools.

  8. Customer Relationship Management (CRM): CRM functionality helps in managing guest profiles, preferences, and interactions to personalize the guest experience and foster customer loyalty.

  9. Staff Management: This feature assists in managing staff schedules, assignments, payroll, and performance evaluations.

  10. Maintenance Management: It helps in scheduling and tracking maintenance tasks for facilities, equipment, and rooms to ensure they are in optimal condition.

  11. Security and Access Control: This feature includes access control systems for secure entry into guest rooms and restricted areas, as well as monitoring and surveillance systems for enhanced security






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