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Banquet Management System is a software designed to improve the workflow of hospitality business. The software allows users to schedule and organize events seamlessly, and the in-built calendar helps avoid any overlapping of the dates. This banquet management software allows business owners to plan out the usage of banquet halls. Users can divide the halls into different sections and give it away for simultaneous usage. In addition to that, the software allows business owners to monitor their catering operations. 

This banquet management software facilitates efficient communication between customers and banquet owners. Banquet operators can create a price list for the services they provide such as hall booking rates, catering charges, additional expenses, etc. Meshink Banquet Management System streamlines all the tasks required to operate a banquet hall through a single platform. 

Dashboard: This banquet management software offers a dashboard that provides the complete view of business processes.


Finance Management: Banquet Management System facilitates efficient recording of all the expenses and revenue in real-time for seamless


Booking Management: The software has the provision to handle event booking tasks online.


Customer Engagement & Lead Management: Banquet owners can use this software to run online marketing campaigns and acquire leads appropriately.


Checklist Management: Users can create a checklist of pre-determined tasks to ensure that events, conferences, etc. are managed smoothly.


Food Costing: Banquet owners can calculate the cost of food per plate for efficient billing.


Inventory Management: This banquet management software offers features to handle the inventory. Users can list all the important inventory materials


Billing & Invoicing: The software offers a customizable billing and invoicing module for business owners to keep up with the everchanging tax rates.


KOT Management: KOT (Kitchen order ticket) allows catering teams to improvise the handling of orders and automate the process of delivering order


Third-party Integration: Banquet Management System allows users to integrate third-party applications seamlessly for boosting the efficiency and


Loyalty Management: Banquet owners can initiate a loyalty program for customers to incentivize recurring visitors.


Feedback Management: The software allows users to generate reviews for their services through various means.


Email/SMS alerts: Users of this software are provided with a pre-built communication module that allows them to interact with their customers and


Coupon Management: Banquet owners can create coupons for customers to avail discounts, thus generate more revenue.


Quotes/Estimates: Banquet owners can use this software to not only take event requests but also create cost estimates and quotations based on the


Multi Venue Management: This software allows business owners to handle multiple banquets across different venues efficiently.


Mobile Access: Users can work from distant locations and report their task completion through banquet management mobile apps.


Calendar & Schedule Management: Banquet Management System has an in-built event calendar that enables efficient scheduling of events.





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