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Meshink Ticket management can help you to manage business operations efficiently and monitor the operations that are performed accurately. Software that can help you to catch errors, report errors, raise the issue by issuing a ticket for those particular operations, and make the errors visible and can resolve it on time.

Meshink Ticket management system can help you to identify the issues, offering suggestions, and reporting the errors to get it resolved for the better functioning of the business.

 Managing the customer’s queries and offering the customer support for better business management.

The software solution is flexible and scales to manage your business with accuracy.

Ticket Management System Helps in various ways to manage business efficiently

•             Real-Time Reporting of activities

•             Reporting errors

•             Increased efficiency

•             Improvised customer satisfaction

•             Ensure well managed business

•             Visibility and accountability

•             Error notifications

•             Flexibility for business


Which areas Ticket Management System can be used?

1.            Restaurant Management 

2.            Corporate Office

3.            School/ college canteens

4.            Hotels / Resort Management

5.            Other business.

6.            Supermarkets

Dashboard Management

Meshink Ticket Management Software system provides a data dashboard that displays the complete view of the visits , appointment scheduled , time , management of enquires and track them. The dashboard enables us to track, verify, analyze data, visit, guest list, priority tasks, bookings , pre-booking , venue space details , inventories data, scheduled tasks, analytics, schedules and many more. Track your business in one go.

Handling Errors in system

Meshink Ticket Management software enables to handle the errors that has occurred in the business management system. This system ensures to get the list of the errors in the system in a detailed report and raises a ticket for every error. This ticket issued has the errors that can be resolved by the user on time. This way the errors are handled accurately and ensuring the smooth functioning of business.

Host Management

Meshink Ticket management system manages the Host and collects the data regarding system queries or errors. Host management is important part of the system. The coordination between the host and the admin can make the process easy and efficient.


Notification to Admin & Host

Meshink Ticket management system enables to handle the enquires, visitors list, guest list and store the details on the system. A notification regarding the guest visit, appointment that is scheduled goes to Admin and the Host. This makes them informed in advance that the appointment is awaits and makes them easy to manage the task. The refined use of the information is done and accurate updates or notification is sent to Host and admin.


Multi User Login & Access Control

Meshink Ticket management software offers designation-based access control to users. Owners will have the administration access and they can assign access to any person they have their logins and id. Where the user can track error list, queries , and resolve them


Managing Reports

Analytics reports are created and managed, to keep the track of the errors that are reported and a reports that are created enables to manage the errors and get an idea from these reports and get them resolved on time.


Meshink offers a CRM system that enables your business to manage customer interactions, data analysis, automated alerts, building a business-customer relationship, managing your business online, and handles sales management of the business efficiently. CRM is important for a business for customer satisfaction and lead conversions.


Customer Interactions

Meshink ticket Management helps to manage customer queries, Interact with customers and resolve their issues on time. The system ensures that no queries are left and every query is answered on time to ensure better customer satisfaction.               


Reporting errors

Ticket Management System helps to report errors of your system. Whenever there is an issue in working of a operation, or incomplete task or status , the system every time raises a ticket. These tickets includes the list of errors of a specific category and reports to the user. This enables to get you to resolve the errors on time and accurately.


Real Time alerts

The system is designed in such a way it monitors the system errors and reports them on time. Mink Ticket management system helps to handle the visitors, guest list and enquires in a efficient way. These visits can be tracked and give the real time alerts to the owner.

Accessibility from phone and tablets

Meshink   Ticket Management software system offers a mobile customer interface which can be accessed through a mobile browser. This software can be installed in your system and report the errors on phone and tablets.


E-Mail and SMS Notification

This System enables your business to manage contacts, customer details, members, plans, membership, registrations and create SMS / Emails, schedule them to reach to customers, and marketing for your business. SMS/ Emails can have a great impact on your busin

ess outreach and sales.


Data Analysis and management

Data analysis and management. All the data is collected, stored, organized, and categorized in a database of the organization. The database makes you monitor all the tasks through database status reports.

Multi-System and location Accessibility

Meshink  Ticket  management System is easily accessible multiple pc’s, laptops, mobile phones. This system can be operated from multiple locations and can track the activities from one place. The user interface is simple and convenient for managing your business operations


24/ 7 Remote Access Cloud

Mink  Ticket  Management software offers secure and remote access to system data in the cloud. This enables the remotely access their site information from any suitable platform as it makes your business collaboration efficiently. Never miss any opportunity to succeeds as your business is access to a cloud system.

Events & Reminders

The software has the provisions for updating the members and staff with regular updates, events, and reminders. This makes them follow the processes, task schedules,  Appointment , guest list and complete the tasks on time. Emails, SMS, to notify about offers, discounts new arrivals have events and more. To the customers and the other members








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