Mink Foodiee Recipe Inventory Management

by Indian Mesh Pvt Ltd

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Mink Foodiee Recipe Inventory is Cloud-based Inventory Control and management software solutions that enable you to track, manage inventory, assets, automate purchases, track vendors, manage logistics, and customize stock threshold alerts for optimized and updated inventory management.

This software system enables to Scan Barcodes and QR Codes with mobile apps/external scanners. Our Inventory management module allows quick inventory updating stock, stock level reporting, order management, GPS tracking system, and support bulk purchases& more. Time to update your business by deploying smart and efficient inventory management software today.

Recipe Inventory management software is effective for taking your food business to the next level. Keep the track of inventory, stock management, order scheduling, and order fulfillment.Features like reporting, tracking, coordinating sales, stock management, auto synchronizing, vendor management and traceability& transparency in business processes. 

Food Costing


·         Instant recipe costing based on real-time ingredient prices

·         Automatic ingredient yield calculations

·         AI-powered menu engineering


Automated Yield Calculations


·         Track shrinkage of ingredients and prep recipes down to the penny without re-entering the same data over and over.

·         Tell Mink Foodiee the yield of any ingredient one time and see it automatically reflected in all your recipe costs.

·         Ingredients can have different yields for different prep methods.

Automated Process


·         Ingredient prices automatically update and ripple through all your recipes based on the most recently entered supplier invoices

·         No matter how you receive invoices, it has a solution for entering them with as little friction as possible:



Mink Foodiee notifies you when items reaches at minimum stock level.

Always Accurate Stock

Stay on top of inventory. Never doubt how much stock on hand you have.

Manage Costing

Creates accurately priced and updated MENU COSTING for all your restaurant’s Menu Items

Reports & Analytics

With advanced reports and analytics, you can make faster and smarter decisions based on sales, expenses, purchasing, and menu reports.

Supplier Management

Automate ordering and set up purchasing budgets, par levels, delivery days, cut off times, reminders, and purchasing limits.





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