Mink Foodiee Loyalty Management

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Mink Foodiee Loyalty Management Program (A I Powered) works to strengthen the customer relationship, customer engagements and building a dedicated customers network for your company. Loyalty Management Program helps the Startups and Enterprises to manage B2B and B2C and maintain a Customers relationship with your business. The program incorporates features like customers can collect membership points on purchase, Redeem points earned, generate sales reports, and manages customer sales and offer on purchase and more.


This program is initiated to engage, acquire, reward the loyal customers and grow business outreach. Loyalty Program helps to ensure a dedicated communication with customers by rewarding gifts coupons for their loyalty &ensure customer satisfaction. 


Mink Foodiee Loyalty management program can be one of the reasons customers will try to reconnect with your brand, services or product. Provided you are giving the best services to your customers.  To boost your sales and accelerate business growth deploying this Program can qualify to give better returns for your business.


Mink Foodiee Loyalty Management Program organizes rewards, points redeemed , Allow customers to gain points on every purchase ,referral programs, benefits rewards, digital gift cards, memberships, promotional offers, plans and more. This marketing strategy enriches customer engagement, rewards the customer loyalty with their business, makes it interesting process and ensures customer satisfaction for services and makes them explore a new opportunity in the services you offer. 


The loyalty management program plays a role in customer engagement, and offering an effective marketing solution for your business. In this system the marketing is performed in the form of digital forms, surveys, games, referral program, redeem points; add your points on every purchase and reward management, points earned on purchase, quizzes, gift cards, and more. This marketing strategy can help to build a network of dedicated customer and attract new leads too.

It helps the business to showcase services significantly and reach out to people to publish your brand. This can be considered as an interesting and effective marketing strategy that you can deploy for your business.

Loyalty management program allows managing is:

·         Identify customer loyalty data towards your business.

·         Earn Points on every purchase

·         Keep the customer engaged in interesting way

·         Referral Marketing 

·         Gift cards, coupons, points, subscriptions, games and more

·         Build a dedicated customer network.

·         The Loyalty management system can easily integrate with the system API.

·         Minimize the cost of installation 

·         Event-based Messages, rewards, redeem points earned

·         Track Customer Activity

Improvised customer experience

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