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Mink Foodiee Hotel Management Software (AI-Powered) is an ideal application for hotel businesses. It is an integrated software solution that helps you to manage the hotel’s operations like booking, management, organization, and other related operations. Mink Foodiee Hotel Management Software enables to management essential processes of a hotel management system ensuring convenient access for the services and efficient functioning of the business.


Mink Foodiee Hotel Management Software is easy to use for all users because of its simple, user-friendly interface and navigation. Deploying a suitable Hotel management software system can help you to manage hotel functionality like reception management, housekeeping department, restaurant, kitchen services, financial asset management, Expense management, HR & payrolls, hotel ERP, inventory management, and so on. Mink Hotel Software Solution offers a rounded solution to complete hotel management system operations easily and conveniently.


This software system offers accomplishes many important tasks that you can perform without any hassle. Hotel Management software system systematizes the operations that include in a hotel management system, organizes inventory, assets to manage and use efficiently, ensuring better customer experience. 


It is the complete software solutions for Back office management, reception, management of the hospitality industry, resource allocation and delivers customizable and adjustable solutions for the management and effectively uses the data.


Hotel Software solutions designed in such a way that they can manage hotel tasks & services conveniently. Its deployment will benefit your Hotel management is in many ways. 


1.      Cloud-Based Hotel Management Software

2.      Hotel ERP

3.      Automated online payments, E-billing & online payments

4.      Customer Relationship Management

5.      Inventory Management

6.      Back office and reception operation management

7.      Restaurant & food services management.

8.      Housekeeping services

9.      Reservations& checkout Management

10.  Updates, alerts, SMS and Email Notification

Mobile Application Integration 

Order placement  & booking  Management& third party booking 
Mink Foodiee Hotel Management software enables you to manage bookings, orders, venue management, conferences space  and registration both online and offline. This software makes it easy for the users to get orders, queries, bookings conveniently. It includes registration, membership renewal, booking, book space, orders placement, payments and more.

Dashboard Management 
Mink Foodiee Hotel Management Software system provides a data dashboard for the owners that displays the complete view of the business process taking place and way to track them. The dashboard enables us to track, verify, analyze data, KPI, graphs, performance, orders, sales, expenses, priority tasks, bookings , pre-booking , venue space details , inventories data, scheduled tasks, analytics, schedules and many more. Track your business in one go.
24/ 7 Remote Access Cloud
Mink Foodiee Hotel Management software offers secure and remote access to the website. This enables the business owners to remotely access their site information from any suitable platform. Remote Access can make your business collaboration and management in an efficient way. Never miss any opportunity to succeeds as your business.
Multi-User Login & Access Control
This Management software offers designation-based access control to users. Owners will have the administration access and they can assign permissions for others to access who have their logins and id. Where the user can track, update their, order, booking, priority bookings, schedules and more.

Analytics & Reports Management
Analytics reports are created and managed, to keep the track of sales, expenses, bookings, orders, budget assigned, criteria, the requirement of orders and many more business operations. Verifying these reports makes it easy for the owner to take business decisions and efficiently streamline the business process. 

Checklist Management & Notes preparation
Mink Foodiee  Hotel Management software system enables you to keep the track of orders, inventories, assets in use, assigned tasks, stock updates, items required, staff roles, management operations, and many processes are managing the workflow. Notes creation where these are the data related to order specific requirements, scheduled delivery, orders priority, guest list, bookings and other important notes related to the hotel management tasks.

Enquiry Management 
This system enables you to manage the enquires, orders, bookings, registrations, bookings, visitors, the guest lists. Schedule them on time and improvising the customer experience. Therefore, Management of the enquires effectively can help you to make your business efficient and make the customers happy. 
Customer Engagement & Lead Management 
Mink Foodiee  Hotel Management software is involved to boost user’s engagements, impressions, views, expand the outreach of your business, generate leads and conversions. We set up methodologies, marketing techniques like a referral, promotion practices and generate new business clients to understand the business offers, these are operated through a marketing campaign on the different social media platforms. This way we make customer engagement and lead management effectively.  Mink Foodiee  Hotel Management System Offering the best structure for managing customers and clients' requests.

E-Mail and SMS Alerts
This System enables your business to manage contacts, customer details, members, plans, orders, booking, pre-booking, priority order, registrations and create SMS / Emails, schedule them to reach to customers, and marketing for your business. SMS/ Emails can have a great impact on your business outreach and sales.

Cost Control& Expense Management
Mink Foodiee Hotel Management System to manage expenses, assets allocation, financial reports, membership fees, expenses incurred, and get better data optimization& organization. The system manages KPI reports based on specific categories of sales, item name, time, orders, performance, costs, orders, assets used, bookings, budget& more. Custom reports, audit reports, financial reports to keep the track of sales, cash flows, expenses cost and keeps the finances well managed.

Inventory Management
This software helps to efficiently manage inventories, track the amount of inventory, Track orders, visitors details, guest list, product management. This software allows accurate allocation of resources& assets, production and cost management. 

Finance Management 
The finance management system streamlines your financial tasks, assessment and gives a precise overview of your business performance. This system helps you to manage your finances well and in return will help generate better ROI for your business. The best idea is to deploy a suitable finance management system for your business to synchronize the tasks and improvise productivity.

Loyalty Management
The loyalty program is designed to take customers' sight of your business. This marketing strategy is designed in such a way it converts leads and scales up the sales. We offer rewards for regular customers, merchandise, coupon on various items.  Therefore, this program is a marketing strategy to increase sales and business productivity.

Third-Party Integration

Effective allocation of working capital, on the basis of customer requirements. Integration with third-party integration, logistics, management of stock volume, demand, supply tracking, stream line services and customer satisfaction & more. Therefore, this system enables to manage inventory and give productive results.

Reservation Calendar

Available Room Reservation Calendar.

Quotes and finance management 
Mink Foodiee Hotel Management Software can enable you to manage the expenditures, cash flows, bills, invoices, receivables, transactions, and payables to manage efficiently. A budget system that informs you can save your money and make a wise financial decision. Better management of financial assets for your business. Enterprise requires to have better Finance management.

Coupon Management 
This system software enables us to create coupons and distribute the coupons among customers through online and offline modes, Make the customers aware about the discount offers, events, venue, themes and describing them about the referral offer. This is a smart marketing strategy to get leads and conversions for your business.

Website Integration 
Mink Foodiee Hotel Management system integrates the services of your business, offers all on the web portal. Where your Hotel can be accessed through a website and be managed efficiently. This software system offers space online for your business, expand business outreach. Get all the new arrivals, offers, discounts and event updates on the website and inform your customers or viewers about it.

Block Room Status & Wake up call.Room Shifting and Occupancy Report.
Travel Agent Management 
There is a system to manage any travel bookings for the customers. Mink Foodiee Hotel Management gives the system where you can mange travel , organize trips for your guests . 

Events & Reminders & Alerts to guest

The software has the provisions for updating the members and staff with regular updates, events, and reminders. Informed about the offers, schedules, orders, events, venue assigned, requirements and without missing any update. Emails, SMS, to notify about offers, discounts, orders, new arrivals, and task scheduled, priority orders, events and more. Manage the schedule and events updates effectively.
Guest alert is sent to guest regarding their bookings and payables and services of the hotel. 

Real-time tracking and monitoring Activities
Mink Hotel Management software allows us to keep the track of the activities, orders, booking, schedule, events, priority orders, pre-booking, scheduled delivery, customer details and get regular updates events, schedules. Real-Time tracking increases business efficiency and setup better coordination among the team.

Mobile Access 
 Management software offers mobile access or web access where they can view the items, products and can expand their business outreach. Showcase the products or business through the mobile, the web can be possible.
Paid Services Management 
Different Paid services can be managed through the software and segregated reports can be managed.
This Management software has the best CRM deployed to grow sales and improvise customer experience. It ensures customer engagement, status report, the best ways to engage customers, sales, orders, venue management , and analytics and more. Updating of information on client’s data., Client referral programs, feedback management, tracking, shipping and Sales orders, inventory lessons, track stock and more. Therefore, manage your retail business well by deploying efficient CRM.

Calendar and Schedule Management 
System to maintain schedule, regular updates, schedule for time and purpose, timetable, to-do list, orders bookings, priority tasks, and plan schedule management. The system categorizes the task accordingly and creates schedule reports on the specific time and edits important detail along with the deadlines of the tasks. 





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