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Meshink HR & Payroll Management system offers end to end solutions to manage workforce, resource management solutions for all company sixes. The features in the system can be customized as per your business requirement. 

The system manages administrative tasks, improves performances, enable accuracy in the tasks, unparallel HR payroll, outsourcing services & more.


Meshink HR & Payroll Management  Software is a perfect automation solution for overall payroll accounting and administration. This software solution allows the calculation of the earnings of employees, the related taxes and other deductions, recording the results of payroll activities, PF management, EFI, and others.

The software system targets to reduce manual administration tasks ,lessen the errors and end-user operating costs thereby enhancing the performance and effective management.

How Human Resource Management System Can Help in the management of offices/Institutes/ business/retailers/?


Human Resource Management System Helps in various ways to manage the attendance, payroll, visits, and facilitates the organization to perform the task in a sorted way.


·         Real-Time Reporting of activities

·         PF, EFI for salary 

·         Salary management 

·         Hiring

·         Staff Management

·         Attendance Management 

·         App integration with the system 

·         Efficient to manage attendance data  

·         Visibility and accountability 

·         Updated timesheets 

·         Check-in and check-out timings of employees

·         Travel Expense Management 

·         Leave Management  


Dashboard Management 

Meshink Human Resource Management system provides a data dashboard that displays the complete view of the visits, attendance, appointment scheduled, time , management of enquires and track them. The dashboard enables us to track, verify, analyze data, KPI, visit attendance, check in and checkout times , bookings , pre-booking , scheduled tasks, analytics, schedules and many more data is stored in the system that can be accessible when required.

Cloud Access 

Meshink Payroll Management system software offers secure and remote access to system data in the cloud. This enables the remotely access their site information from any suitable platform, manage the attendance data and store information on the cloud.

Manual Attendance& Time sheets management 

Meshink Human Resource management system manages in the traditional way. The employees or staff can fill the time sheets manually as the check in or check out timings. These timesheets data is recorded in the system and can be sent to HR department for verification.

Travel Expense Management 

This System enables the organization to manage the travel expenses of the employees / staff and ensures the payrolls are managed with accuracy without missing any employees data . This data is held by HR management and that can include this data to make the payouts for the employees/ staff accurately. 

Incentives & Perks  Management 

Meshink Human Resource Management system enables to manage Provident Fund(PF),statutory compliance , Employee State Insurance (ESI) if it is added in your company policy and can be customized for the employees with an accurate data. Payroll management system ensures the right deduction of amount and deposits with an accuracy. This system reduces the manual error and gives right calculation for the payouts of employees.

Payroll Outsourcing 

The system has Time Bound and payroll processing system with improved compliance. The system qualifies to manage the payroll outsourcing in the system so that they can coordinate with companies to offer them employees details working hours and their administrative details.

Employee Management 

Meshink Human Resource Management enables to efficiently manage employees details like pays schedule, date of joining, incentives , their performance reports , duties assigned , task done and more. This system makes the employees to do the best in their work place and bring productive results for the organizations. 

Payout Management 

Meshink Human Resource management system helps to manage the payouts effectively. In this System calculates the financial return or the reimbursement on the investment. Payout is the amounts received in a period like monthly for income payments. Manage the payouts accurately 

Advance Salary Deduction Management 

Meshink Human Resource Management enables advanced salary deduction, from the pay checks accurately. The deduction is done on the basis of “pay cycle give one pay period and take back the next pay period”. This way you can management the salaries efficiently by deploying suitable system
Multi User Login, roles & Access Control

Meshink Human Resource management software offers designation-based access control to users. Admin will have the administration access and they can assign access to any person they have their logins and id. Where the user can be employees, staff, who can view their attendances through the assigned ID’s.

Managing Reports 

Analytics reports are created and managed, to keep the track visits, employees attendance, management of attendance data, scheduled appointments, Check in and Checkout timings, attendance management , members joined, visitors visited the venue, enquires management and many more business operations. Reports of attendance of employees are generated, that information is accurate and is sent to HR and admin.

Leave Management 

Management System manages the leaves and holidays for the employees/staff/. There is a provision in the system where the user can enter leaves or holidays applied has leave application, approval and process advance and the dates fill in the system and the data is recorded accordingly. The data when updated can view if the leave is sanctioned or not.

Check in and Checkout data & tracking 

Meshink  Human Resource Management Software system can track the Check in and Check Out timings of the employees/ staff. This way the data is accurate and can’t be modified. This ensures the security in the premises.

Real Time alerts 

The system is designed in such a way it monitors the attendances, visitors, guest list, appointments , check in check out  and the entries. Meshink Visitor management system helps the front office to handle the visitors, guest list and enquires in a efficient way. These visits, attendance can be tracked and give the real time alerts.

Accessibility from Mobile phone and tablets 

Meshink Human Resource Management software system offers a mobile user interface which can be accessed through a mobile browser. This way the system can interact with the attendances management, employee’s visitors, enquires through mobile and tablets. 

Smart Attendance Management  

Management of the attendances for employees / staff of the organization in scalable, trackable and convenient way. Attendances recorded through biometrics makes it easy to manage the staff and get an accurate data related to attendance and leaves.

Holiday Management 

Meshink Human Resource management system has a system where the employees / staff can view the holiday schedule given by the organization. This makes the organization members updated in advance about the upcoming holidays.

Third Party Integrations with API

Organizations/institutes / offices can integrate this software with their ongoing APIs and use it to share data and manage data precisely. Meshink Payroll  management system makes it easy to access the attendances through API and makes it easy to coordinate with HR team , admin and employees/
E-Mail and SMS Notification
This System enables your business to manage employee / staff details, attendance notifications, alerts, registrations and create SMS / Emails, schedule them to reach to the assigned person. E-mail, SMS ensures timely updates a

nd better coordination among the organization.

Data Analysis and management

Data analysis and management. All the data is collected, stored, organized, categorized in a database of the organization. Visitor reports, attendance reports for every employee/staff, appointments, schedule, leave reports and generates   all reports will be created on the system where you can update and track business performance. The database makes you monitor all the tasks through database status reports. 

Salary Calculations 

Meshink Human Resource  management System is generating the reports of attendance for every employee and sends it to the HR department. This makes the HR and Payroll management department to view the employee report and calculate the salary as per attendance report. This makes it easy to calculate salary and enhance organization efficiency to manage tasks.

Events & Reminders& Notification 

The software has the provisions for updating the members and staff with regular updates, events, and reminders. This makes them follow the processes, task schedules, visits, guest list and complete the tasks on time. Emails, SMS, to notify about offers, discounts new arrivals have events and more. To the customers and the other members 





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