Insurance Management

Easy Reimbursement of Fuel Expense with the use of Application, AI based Application accepts only immediate camera pictures of Tachometer console, Bills, and Fuel pump readings to get Expense Details.

Our System auto detect last trip average on the basis of next refueling.

IT put pressure on drivers to fill right details to avoid reimbursement on hold.

Now you can see past refueling trips with real statics data

Insurance Management

Keeps the complete track of Insurance of vehicles and payments pending from customers

Now never miss your customers insurance renewals, you will get upto date with renewal data

An automated process doesn't allow customers to exit without Gate pass approvals

Admin can keep track of all branches insurance from one account.

Referral Software (CRM)

Decrease time of engagement by 40% by getting genuine leads from your satisfied customers.

Reducing your sales budget by focusing on customers who are satisfied with your products and services.

Quickly generating more satisfied customers, ensuring a continuous cycle of repeat customers and referrals.

Improving sales revenue, offering a higher conversion rate than unqualified sales leads.Generate a better overall ROI from your marketing strategy

Stock & Spare - Part Inventory

Dealers can keep record of Purchase and Sales by maintaining their Stock Inventory, means no physical counting required to check stock.

On Non-Availability of particular car, Dealers can check stock of other branches to take bookings from customers

Dealers can sale by checking age of vehicle, which will also save Stock keeping charges.

Each vehicle issued to customer or branch record can be maintained

Admins can check whole stock inventory and its value by one click

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